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Mole removal

Many people notice the appearance of skin lesions on their bodies as they age. It is possible to form these skin lesions even on the baby’s body.
They have different types that differ from each other based on the cause of formation, treatment method and appearance.

Moles, warts and skin tags are the most common types of skin lesions.

Types of moles:

1- Skin moles:

One of the most common types of skin lesions is called moles, which are usually less than half a centimeter in size and have a smooth and round surface. They are also seen in different colors such as skin color, brown and black.

2- Skin warts:

Warts are a type of infection caused by a virus called HPV, and their formation is possible in any part of the body.

Infection with this virus may not be associated with symptoms or may be accompanied by temporary symptoms in the form of jagged bumps or moles. According to the published statistics, genital warts in women and men are among the most contagious warts, and it is also worth mentioning that genital warts have also been observed in children.

3- Skin tags:

Skin tags that have thin bases and are similar to moles are called skin tags. Typically, they are seen in areas where the skin is thinner. We can mention groin, armpit and neck among them.
Such flesh moles do not pose any danger to the person and there is no need to treat these moles.
However, if pain, burning, irritability and bleeding occur, they should be treated. Skin tag is usually caused by genetic reasons and family history.


Ways to scar and remove warts and skin tags:

1_ Surgery with scissors or razor:
By creating local anesthesia in the desired area, the specialist creates a cut on the skin with a razor and separates the desired mole, but due to bleeding, damage to the skin tissue, and the durability of the stitch, this method is no longer acceptable.

2- Radiofrequency energy:
RF electrosurgery devices do not harm healthy tissues, cause very little pain and bleeding, and leave little impact.

3_ Burning:
It is one of the old methods of treating moles, warts and skin tags. By doing this method, you may see some depressions on the surface of the skin. In this method, the carbon inside the cell is burned and creates dark spots on the skin.
4_ Laser therapy:
The laser method is similar to burning, but with the difference that it does not use electric current, but uses laser waves to destroy the lesion.

This method includes the cycle of freezing and thawing the lesion, which needs to be repeated many times to completely remove the lesion.

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